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The Take5 Network
Tampa, FL
Electronic Data Interchange data translation, support for
Value Added Networks (VAN), Local and Wide Area
Networks web site development & hosting, transaction
processing, email and FTP services and special projects
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Edison 3, Inc
Tampa, FL
Formed in 1994 with two other programmers specializing in
the development of Electronic Data Interchange translators
("The 3 Sons of EDI"). Dissolved partnership by agreement.
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M R Frederick Engineering
Harrisburg, PA
Returned to private consulting in 1990 with the retirement
of R E Frederick and the sale of company. Specialized in
managemnt systems and local area networks for hospitals
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Frederick Electronic Systems, Inc
Camp Hill, PA
Merged with Robert E. Frederick Sr's company in 1984.
Developed and marketed custom card access systems for
industry and government high security applications.
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The Frederick Company
Harrisburg, PA
Private consulting practice started in 1981. Developed
custom electronic interfaces and drivers and Point of
Sale systems for PA clothing store chain
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T5 is owned and operated by Mike Frederick